How To Get Started With Mobile Marketing

Hi, My name is Liz Maritz from The Net Bang and we’re going to be talking about Mobile Marketing. Mobile marketing is becoming increasingly more important as the dimensions of the our TV monitors and computer screens get bigger, and the dimensions of the our mobile machines get smaller. A couple of statistics that helped absolutely illustrate this station are that currently, there are 4 billion mobile phones in the world, and 3 billion of those mobile phones are actually SMSenabled, which means they have text messaging abilities. Next, Google has almost a 50% market share with their Android operating system out of all the operating systems that are currently available.

What that starts is, examine is going to be really important for portable, market is going to be really important for portable, because let’s face it, Google is a huge marketing powerhouse and they’re probably going to continue to have a very strong foothold in search, sell, and portable in the future. Our final statistic is that by 2013, it’s projected that mobile search will outnumber the number of desktop examines. So, you can see that mobile is going to become very, very important and it’s probably, whether you like it or not, going to become a very big part of the business that you’re conducting today and in the future. So, let’s talk a little about different ways that you can interact with mobile marketing strategy or safarus. First of all, you have the option to build a mobile application. You likewise have the option to build a portable website and we’ll talk about the difference between those two things in simply a instant. And then you have a more openended option, which is to time conduct a portable busines safarus and that’s a much more broad concept.

So, what exactly is the difference between a mobile sell employment, a mobile … I’m sorry, a mobile lotion, a mobile website, and a portable sell safarus? Well, first of all, a portable application is an application that is built for your phone’s operating system to integrate with that operating system. So it “ve got a lot” of functionality that you are eligible to attract from your phone, and it is integrated with your dial seamlessly. So what that gives you is a lot more functionality, and it allows your consumers to do a lot more of things like GPS and dial alarms. A portable website is a little bit more simple of a taste. What a portable website does is essentially understands a website that’s hosted online on your telephone. So you actually have to access a portable website through your phone’s browser. But, one of the advantages of modern website exploitation is that you can actually make a website look a lot like a mobile employment.

And a great deal of smart-alecky friendships are doing this so that users will interact with their websites a lot more, and they are getting a lot of value out of these portable websites. The downside is that you don’t have that seamless integration with your phone’s operating system. But, the cost of development is also a little bit lower for portable websites as well. Finally, youve had this broadspectrum theory of portable commerce safaruss, and I entreat I could define what a portable exchange safarus is, but genuinely, that’s up to you. There are lots of different things youre doing with a portable busines campaign. You can have a QR code integrated with a photograph campaign. You have been able to develop a portable app or a portable industry website to integrate with your sell safarus. There are so many different options, but just because you don’t have a portable design or you don’t have a portable website doesn’t mean that you cannot cope a really effective mobile marketing campaign.

Simply to revisit those statistics, 3 billion purchasers in the United Mood have SMSenabled phones, so text messaging could be a huge campaign for you in the future. The next question we’ll reaction is How mobile? How accurately does mobile endeavor and how does it be incorporated into your employment or website? So this is a little higher tech, but what you have is you have a satellite system peculiarly, when you have GPS enabled with your portable direct. You have a satellite structure the hell is related into your GPS if “youve had” that, if that’s an element of your employment, and then that will communicate back and forth with your mobile maneuver. That portable manoeuvre then sends information back and forth to the gloom, and the mist will call upon a system busines to place info there. The entanglement service is talking back and forth with your database that has all the information that you want to render on your telephone.

So I know that’s a really high tech explanation, and you’re probably wondering how your intellect gets to your phone through this system. A database can be connected to a website, it can be connected to a server that there had, and that will send information eventually up to your portable manoeuvre to render on your portable movement. Now, if you’re looking to do something like a portable sell expedition, there are tons of different ways that this system could work for you, tons of various types of executings, and that’s really up to you. And one of the things that we love to do at the Net Impact is we admire developing portable sell expeditions, we experience developing mobile apps.

So we’re happy to answer any questions that you have about portable sell or portable progress, and we actually have a mobile development partner, Unidev, that can develop for any mobile operating system or any website computer program that you’d like. We’d be happy to talk to you and that is mobile marketing and using ..

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